Marida Sugar

About Us

Aslan food, at Brasil Sugar International are the official registered sales office to Brazilian sugar mills and refineries providing raw, refined, industrial and liquid sugars at highly competitive market pricing. Our Buyers maintain the highest level of confidence knowing they are contracting directly with the producer’s export trade partner and not a reseller claiming to own an allocations or warehoused product.

Mills/Refineries only produce sugar based on executed Sales and Purchase Agreements to maintain the lowest possible price and high quality. Large stockpiles are rarely ever produced and warehoused due to the high cost and even greater chance of contamination.

Successful Buyers/Traders establish relationships with refiners, producers, mills, manufactures and the like to insure the best pricing and avoid the myriad of potential pitfalls that occur when dealing with resellers who do not produce, possess, hold title or control the product from beginning to end.

Aslan food, Brasil Sugar International bridges the gap providing the most secure, high quality, reliable and fast service available. Our Clients are always welcome to visit the facility, meet with the amazing people producing their product and walk the facility all while gaining confidence their most demanding needs will be met in a timely and professional manner.