Marida Kebab

The perfect snack for everyone
  • Kebab as a snack is very popular all over the world
  • Hundreds of restaurants serve kebabs every day, which is the best indication of customers preference
  • MARIDA KEBAB  was born out of the need to enjoy an excellent quality snack also outside the restaurant
  • We have made sure that MARIDA KEBAB meets the expectations of demanding customers. We have given it an excellent original taste, great quality ingredients and packaging for long term storage. 
  • The meat in our kebabs is HALAL certified.
  • According to the “Polska na talerzu” study made for Macro Cash&Carry, 2/3 of Poles eat out. But lately Italian and Chinese cuisine are not so popular anymore. Customers are bored with hot dogs and other snacks.
  • In cities with more than 100 000 inhabitants, kebab is the winner among street food (in smaller cities kebab is also very popular).
 Our Offer:
  • We have three products:
    • chicken kebab
    • beef kebab
    • mixed kebab (chicken and beef). 
    Each of them contains 100g meat, excellent Arabian pita, a mix of cooked vegetables and a unique sauce.

    Our kebabs are produced in one category: 250g

Storage and preparation

The product is packaged in a protective atmosphere. 

Tha product should be stored at a temperature between +2 and +6°C

Recommended preparation: toasting on an electric grill for 4 minutes.

It is possible to heat the product in the microwawe oven (2 minutes without removing the foil).

Recommendations for shops to increase sales:

Three conditions for an excellent rotation: 

  •  Placing MARIDA KEBAB in a prominent position in the cold store with ready meals
  • Clear price communication
  • The indication of the price recommended by Aslan Food