IQF Frozen

Frozen Strawberries

Strawberries comes from Konya and Bursa.
We both sell Camarosa and Tiago Strawberries and wild strawberries.
We also make strawberry diced.
We can also provide strawberries with stem and without stem.
We make Strawberries uncalibrated and calibrated.
Calibrations are 26-35,22-26,18-22,10-18

Frozen Dark and Red sweet cherry

We are processing Dark and Red sweet cherry.
Sweet Cherries comes from Afyon and Konya.
We make sweet cherries whole pitted and with pit.

Frozen Sour cherries

Sour cherries comes from Afyon and Konya.
We make sour cherry with whole pitted and with pit.

Frozen Apricots

Apricots comes from Isparta and Afyon.
We also make apricots Halves and Dices.

Frozen Figs

Frozen Figs comes from Aydın and Izmir.
We sell Green and Purple Figs.

Frozen Peaches

Peaches comes from Manisa
We also make slices and dices and halves

IQF Frozen Pomegranate Arils

Pomegranates comes from Antalya.

IQF Frozen Plums

Plums comes from Afyon.
We also make halves and dices.

IQF Frozen Peppers

Peppers comes from Manisa.
We also makes Dices and Slices.